ELVis’s Cooking Success!

Hello Lovely people,

This week I’d like to tell you all about the fantastic cookery courses we ran over the past few months.

We ran 2 cooking courses to give blind and partially sighted people the skills and confidence needed to cook healthy meals.

Sixteen service users participated in the six week beginner and advanced cooking courses, which were run in conjunction with Made In Hackney as part of our “Healthy Body Healthy Mind” project, from June to August.

The course helped participants gain confidence to use cooking equipment such as knives and hot saucepans in a safe environment and helped people discover that they were still able to prepare fresh meals despite their sight loss.

The group had the opportunity to make a variety of easy but healthy meals ranging from vegetable ratatouille to black bean chili chocolate cookies.

Having attended the beginner cookery course, it was great to see how much attendees benefited from the course and how it built their confidence to try the recipes for themselves at home. Many people losing their sight believe that they are unable to continue to do lots of the things they did when they had sight and preparing meals is just one example.

Participant James Murray said the cooking sessions were very enjoyable and he looked forward to them each week.

“They were informative, welcoming and everything was explained in an easy to understand manner. The course has changed the way I now make salads as they are much more interesting and tastier!”

Simple adaptations in the kitchen such as, bump-ons on gas cookers, colour contrast of equipment and talking weighing scales can assist blind and partially sighted people whilst cooking

It was fantastic getting people to use knives, chopping vegetables and weighing ingredience using talking scales for the very first time after having lost their sight and for there to be a delicious meal at the end of it to tuck into. I love an apple crumble, so I was rather pleased the week we made it, and not only was it healthy, but pretty yummy too!

The cookery sessions were made possible from a grant received for our “Healthy Body Healthy Mind” project from Hackney Council’s Healthy Neighbourhoods project.

Catch you all in a few weeks time.